Chapel of St Anthony or Panizza

Second on the left side of the nave is the chapel dedicated to St Anthony of Padua (formerly linked to St Bartholomew, patron of the Ghivezzani family and later of the Panizza family). Behind the sturdy gate is the sacred space, rectangular, with a cross-ribbed roof; at the keystone of the sacred space is an Agnus Dei in white stone. The apsidal part, the back wall, appears tripartite, with the altarpiece (a Saint Anthony reattaches the foot to the young man who had punished himself for offending his mother, the work of Francesco Borgani, a Mantuan painter) framed by a triumph of stuccoes ending in the Delfini family coat of arms.

The altar, with an antependium in marble inlay depicting St Anthony of Padua with the Child Jesus, first came from the Capuchin church in Volta Mantovana and from 1811 became the property of the parish of Pozzolo; it was transported here in 1964, as a small plaque indicates. The frescoes visible on the walls today emerged from the plasterwork during the 1964 restoration. On the side walls are two other paintings of certain interest: a Risen Christ with the Apostle Thomas and a St. Francis receiving the stigmata.

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