The Boatmen of the Mincio

In the Mincio Park, nature reigns supreme: from the characteristic Mantuan lotus flowers to the various animal species that are more or less rare, from the historical pieces that line the banks of the river, such as churches and monuments, to the characteristic Mantuan artistic elements. The Mincio Park boasts a set of territories protected by UNESCO: some areas of Mantua, Curtatone, Porto Mantovano and Rodigo are part of it, a set of green places that contain many treasures.

Arm yourself with a camera and try to immerse yourself in the nature of the Mantua lakes: boat trips are a unique experience organised by Gabriele Spadi and Ettore Mantovanelli, two boatmen born and raised along the river banks.

The Barcaioli del Mincio group is driven by a love for the river and everything about it. The Barcaioli have decided to share this passion with various groups of people and tourists who are lulled by the waters of the river for a few hours each year. The Mincio Boatmen organise excursions to discover the various areas between Mantua, Grazie di Curtatone and Rivalta, in the Mincio Valleys Nature Reserve, a place that has remained unspoilt.

The Mantua Lake Tour by Boat

You will embark among the countless reeds and water lilies, slowly, listening to the sounds of nature and observing its movements. Don't miss the incredible scenery of the setting sun: when it is reflected in the water, it creates spectacular plays of light between the blue of the sky, the red of the sun and the shadows of the various birds swimming undisturbed along the river.

of the sun and the shadows of the various birds swimming undisturbed along the river.

Excursions along the river are organised from March to October, starting from Grazie di Curtatone, an ancient fishing village and destination of various pilgrimages. Trips along the Mincio are both for individuals and for large groups. The Boatmen are very keen to show the beauty and richness of their river: they are available to create customised programmes and are equipped for people with disabilities.

The evocative events of the boatmen

Take advantage of summer events to enjoy an unforgettable day along the banks of the Mincio: immerse yourself in its tranquillity and surround yourself with water lilies and nature for a few hours.

  • Full moon on the river: Suggestive river excursions amidst magical nocturnal atmospheres illuminated by the full moon;
  • Sunset lights and colours: Sailing on the Mincio in the colours of the setting sun on the river;
  • Customised excursions: Boat parties, important events and birthdays to make every moment magical.
Santuario delle Grazie
Pick a flower for the Blessed Virgin Mary of Grace