“In mezzo al rio cammin di questa vita
D’ogni fedel nocchier fidata guida
Per noi sei posta, e tu ne porgi aita.”

A secret passageway to the right of the portico allows one to admire the Sanctuary's happy natural setting: where the river begins to widen to form the three lakes that surround Mantua, the view sweeps across the fields on both banks and over the reed thicket emerging from the waters, enlivened in July and August by lotus flowers.

Guided tour

“The rosary is a compelling exercise,
irreplaceable, of prayer.
With the rosary, hands are joined:
the innocent ones of children,
the trembling ones of the old,
the sturdy ones of workers:
from the various parts of the world
rises like a true psalmody.”

Papa Giovanni XXIII

Shrine of the
Blessed Virgin Mary
of Graces

About 9 km from the city of Mantua and 30 km from Lake Garda, walking along a narrow passageway between old and colorful houses in the picturesque village of Grazie di Curtatone, one finds oneself, as if suddenly, in a vast square: the Sagrato, against the background of which stands out, with its sharp lines, the "Sanctuary of the Graces."

Sanctuary Opening Hours

Solar Timetable
7.30/12.00; 15.00/18.30

Legal Hours
7.30/12.00; 15.00/19.30

April 25 to June 2:
open 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m

In October, until the start of daylight saving time, weekdays closing time is 7 p.m
Santuario delle Grazie
Pick a flower for the Blessed Virgin Mary of Grace