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You can come alone, with your family, in group. In this case, please call.
It may also happen you stop because you are passing and want to stop.
Probably it is important to ask oneself why to do a pilgrimage or why, while passing, to make a stop in the Sanctuary.
For instinct?
Because you are in a worry?
Because you have a chance to stop?
Or because you want to make a strong Christian experience, with the consciousness of verifying your personal project of Christian life?
Anyway, it will not be difficult to realize that in your life you have not chosen Him, Jesus, but He has chosen you,
as He himself put it with great warmth to the disciples at the Last Supper.
Similarly you have not chosen Mary as Mother.
She has attracted you with that incredible tenderness, by which she was attracted to love her Son, Jesus, and love the early Church in Jerusalem.
In the Sanctuary, to the Virgin you express everything:
a silence sometimes so embarassed that you do not know to say, an instinctive or choral prayer, the anxiety, an anguished cry, even a promise, a vote of gratitude, and so on.
Probably, you end up realizing that she continues to behave with you as she behaved with her Son, Jesus: "Here I am!".
Then you see with astonishment, that she keeps and ponders everything in her heart and she feels the same sword that pierces you.
If you are on the cross, you will see she is suffering in solidarity with you.
Coming back from the pilgrimage, you make the experience of the disciple John, who took her in his house, or that of the disciples in the Cenacle, assiduous in prayer with her until the descent of the Holy Spirit.
This confidentiality with Mary in her Sanctuary has two important elements:
- The Confession or Reconciliation:
everything helps to bring to life the experience of pilgrimage by the encounter with Jesus who says: "Come unto me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you
and learn of me; I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your life. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light".
With the personal confession, his word becomes hot, strong and decisive:
"Get up - he said to the paralytic - take up your bed and go home".
And he got up and went to his house.
- The Eucharist celebration:
this is the heart of the pilgrimage, as this is the source, the culmination and the heart of Church life and of all Christian experience.
Enjoying a Marian pilgrimage is returning to the duty, taste and joy of attending the Mass with care, dignity and devotion, especially on Sundays.
"Without Sunday we cannot live", shouted  a group of martyrs of the early church gathered for the Eucharist  in their homes.
In an attitude of worship and contemplation, the Eucharistic celebration deserves familiarity with a delicate prayer:
"O sacred banquet,
in which Christ becomes our food,
perpetuating the memorial of his passion;
our soul is filled with grace,
and this is the pledge of future glory.
Alleluia, alleluia!".
Before leaving the Sanctuary, it is the priest himself who announces and wishes the good fruit of such an experience of the Eucharist.
He invokes the Lord and by the intercession of the BEATA VERGINE DELLE GRAZIE blesses the fruit of a confident and serene renewal of Christian life, greeting you with the words:
"The Lord be always with you! Go in peace, glorify the Lord, bring his joy to anyone every day of your life".

+ Egidio Caporello

Petition to Mary by
Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Most holy Virgin Immaculate,

my Mother Mary,

to thee who art the Mother of my

Lord, the queen of the universe,

the advocate, the hope,

the refuge of sinners,

I who am the most miserable

of all sinners,

have recourse this day.

I venerate thee, great queen,

and I thank thee for the many

graces thou has bestowed upon me

even unto this day;

in particular for having delivered

me from the hell which I have so

often deserved by my sins.

I love thee, most dear Lady;

and for the love I bear thee,

I promise to serve thee willingly

forever and to do what I can

to make thee loved by others also.

I place in thee all my hopes

for salvation; accept me as thy

servant and shelter me

under thy mantle,

thou who art the Mother of mercy.

And since thou art

so powerful with God,

deliver me from all temptations,

or at least obtain for me the

strength to overcome them

until death.

From thee I implore

a true love for Jesus Christ.

Through thee I hope

to die a holy death.

My dear Mother,

by the love thou bearest to

Almighty God,

I pray thee to assist me always,
but most of all

at the last moment of my life.

Forsake me not then,
until thou shalt see me

safe in heaven,

there to bless thee and sing

of thy mercies through all eternity.

Such is my hope.