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The Sanctuary lives its days and nights, its  weeks and its seasons, the mists and the spectaculars reflections of the sun in the backdrop of the majestic landscape in which it is located. And it ends up to take its mysterious  vitality, marked by the chimes of its famous mechanical clock or by the ringing of its bells calling pilgrims and taking them back home, echoing through the reeds.

In such a relaxed atmosphere, the Sanctuary  composes and decomposes human scenarios, on one side indecipherable and on the other contagious and glimmering of personal, family and community images, or even at first simply attentive and finally quiet.

Here is the life of the Sanctuary too!

The Sanctuary welcomes pilgrims from early morning until sunset. It offers weekdays, Sunday or holiday stops with Eucharist celebrations and Christian reconciliation.

During free hours, it welcomes the most expressive groups of human Christian experience, particularly pilgrimages of Christian communities, of families with their children, engaged couples and newlyweds, the sick, the elderly, youth groups, the schoolchildren of all levels, priests, nuns and monks, and even tourists and connaisseurs of history, art and popular culture.

In these communitarian scenarios, it looks like singular to see the continuous thread of solitary pilgrims, loving the hidden corners of the church, stopping, observing, searching a personal contact, silently whispering or praying, getting up and eventually going away.

To everybody the Sanctuary offers a stable service of the Rector, the cooperation of other priests, the contribution of guide-priests accompanying pilgrims and services of lay volunteers.

In the most solemn circumstances, such as Advent and Christmas, Easter and Pentecost, the Assumption of Mary, and the other holy days, the Sanctuary becomes more comfortable with every possible attention to the liturgy. Particularly vivid becomes the Sanctuary throughout summer, to prepare, celebrate and extend the solemnity of the Assumption of  the Blessed Virgin Mary (15th August), to which it is dedicated.

Equally inviting is the Sanctuary for the stops and the prayers of popular devotion, which are those of May, the novenas in preparation for holidays, the feasts of the sick, community retirements or spiritual associations.

In the evening the doors of the Sanctuary are closed, but the Sanctuary continues to live its life at night and expand it to the hearts and souls of its devotees!

From the churchyard, with its suffused scattered light the suffering face of Pope John Paul II makes company to the Sanctuary, showing the same familiarity as expressed during the apostolic visit on the 23rd June 1991.


Make the sign of the cross:
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.

One (1) Our Father...
Three (3) Hail Marys...
One (1) Glory be.

Start each Decade by meditating on the Mystery.
On the large bead say the Our Father.
On the ten small beads say ten Hail Marys.

Then recite the Glory Be.
At the end of every decade, recite the following:
O Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fire of hell, bring all souls to heaven, especially those who are in more need of your mercy.


[From a book called
« Speculum Christian!," printed by
Machlinia about 1483.]

Mary mother well thou be!
Mary mother think on me!
Maiden and mother was never none,
Together, lady, save thou alone!
Sweet lady, maiden clean,
Shield me from ill shame and tene,
And out of sin, lady,
shield thou me,
And out of dette for charity.
Lady, for thy joys five,
Get me grace in this life,
To know and keep over all thing
Christian faith and God's bidding,
And truly wynne all that I need
To me and mine clothe and feed.
Help me, lady, and all mine, Shield me, lady, from hell pyne ;Shield me, lady, from villainy, And from all wicked company, Shield me, lady, from all shame, And from all wicked fame.
Sweet lady, maiden mild,
From all fomen thou me schild,
That the fiend me not deere,
Sweet lady, thou me weere,
Both by day and by night,
Help me, lady, with all thy might.
For my friends I pray to thee,
That they may saved be,
To their souls and their life,
Lady, for thy joys five.
For my fomen I pray also,
That they may here so do, .
That they nor I in wrath die,
Sweet lady, I thee pray.
And they that be in deadly sin,
Let them never die therein,
But, sweet lady, thou them rede 
For to amend their misdeed.
Sweet lady, for me thou pray to heaven king, That he me grant housel, shrift, and good ending, Jesu for his sweet grace
In the bliss of heaven also a place.
Lady, as I trust in thee,
This praydr that thou grant me,
And I shall, lady, here by life
Greet thee with Aves five,
Sweet lady, full of wynne,*
Full of grace and god within.
As thou art flower of all thy kin,
Dof my follies for to blin,
And shield [me] out of deadly sin
That I be never take therein,
And, noblest lady, grant me
That my soul for my sin ne damned be.

Daily Gospel